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Food, elephants and the carpenter theory

Seven blind men go to ‘see’ an elephant, they touch one part of the beast and come back and describe it as if that one part is the whole animal. The carpenter theory: because he has a hammer in his tool belt, the hammer is the go-to tool to fix all things.   Since I’m…

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Drink Local

This put the finishing touch on my week long foray into "Drinking Local".  I opened the door to our apartment building ready to face a new day, and this was written on the doors across the street. Fate.

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The Angel’s Share

All the buzzwords are here. Local. Heirloom. Hand made. Tradition. Organic. Eco friendly. Farm products. Certainly in tune with the times.  Could be the poster child product for the Slow Food movement. What are we talking about? Answer: Bourbon, Rye, Vodka Right under our noses, and to the delight of the connoisseur, a small group…

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