Lamb Stuffed Grape Leaves

On our long, long ago honeymoon, on the sun bleached Greek Island of Lesbos; I was served the most delicious stuffed grape leaves sitting in a puddle of lemon sauce. So romantic. Actually Lesbos is a pretty tatty island, it has that penal colony feel to it, with lots of square concrete buildings with ragged curtains in place of windows. But we did have this amazing lunch there, and if my memory serves me, there was an outrageous talking parrot that entertained us. Fast-forward to today, where we have some very nice grape leaves growing in the orto and on our roof. Just looking at the grape leaves made me hungry for some stuffed grape leaves. Is that weird? Should looking at a beautiful grape vine make you want to run to the local Hallal lamb butcher and beg for chopped lamb?

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