A Celebration of Good Things to Come: IACP NYC Conference

It was time to throw a party and a party we did throw!
There is a wild & crazy group working on the IACP Annual Conference and it was about time we did a little celebrating.

A little background: IACP (Intl Assoc of Culinary Professionals) has a conference every year and this time it’s in NYC, so naturally it’s bigger, noisier, splashier, and of course, tres, tres fashionable!

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Food Speak: NYC Style

Do you think we could view the world of food as a many faceted, sparkling crystal? Shiny in spots and grubby in others? Do you think New Yorkers are a tribe unto their own? How does everyone afford to go out night after night? Why didn’t I didn’t know I could go to a different food event every day and night?

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