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Montone Orto Report

Don’t you think our salad from last night says it all? Last night we succumbed to an acute bout of Locavore Smugness as we ate our home grown dinner: salad, tomatoes, cucumber, green beans were all from the orto, the wine is from our friend Amerigo at Polidori in Umbertide, the percorino (sheep) cheese is…

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Hotel Fortebraccio, Montone, Grand Inauguration!

After years of very hard work and effort, the Hotel Fortebraccio threw open their doors yesterday evening and welcomed the town of Montone to a grand inauguration party. It was a marvelous event, so well planned and organized with tables of dolce, tons of delicious nibbles, a huge porchetta that was being devoured by everyone,…

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Montone News and Events

This is a public service announcement and breaks all rules of Italian event publicity. Italian rule #456/section ‘a1’ formally states: “All billboards and publicity for local events should not be posted until the last possible moment and should not include ALL of the following: time, date, location, or event description. It is up to the…

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