Pass the Prosciutto – Just in time Holiday Potatoes

It’s holiday season. That time of year when you are either entertaining, or being entertained and you need to bring something delicious to the next party.
Here’s a simple and delicious way to make potatoes using Prosciutto di Parma. If you use little red potatoes and a chopped parsley as a garnish, it will look extra holiday perfect.

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Everyday is a Holiday Fennel Gratin

What’s gorgeous enough to serve at a holiday gathering, but easy enough to indulge in whenever you feel like it?
It’s that time of year again, lots of parties, potlucks and bring-a-dish moments, when you have very little time to be messing around in the kitchen.

Fennel gratin to the rescue! It can be easily transported, made ahead of time, and did I mention delicious??

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Recipe for the Holidays

One thing to know, I am the anti-Stewart. As in Martha. The chairs don’t match, actually until the last moment we didn’t even have enough chairs, the wine glasses have never been a matched set, and my plates are chipped. Good times don’t come from a perfectly set table, they come from the love and laughter of friends and family, and that we have in abundance.

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