Aroma Cucina Giveaway: We have a winner!

Thank you everyone who participated in our giveaway. Great answers, and we agree this is an awesome basket of goodies from Gustiamo; but it is a contest and that means there has to be a winner. Only, we couldn’t decide between two commenters, so we decided to give a basket to each.

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What’s in your olive oil?

Even the most casual wine drinker probably knows the difference between a chardonnay and a white zinfandel. If this is the case, why don’t the most passionate chefs or home cooks know more about their olive oil? Maybe the chefs know a brand name, but do they know what variety of olive is used?

The concept of terroir or terrain or terreno (French-English-Italian) is frequently discussed with grapes and wine; why not with olive oil? If sun, soil and climate affect a grape, it stands to reason it would affect the flavor of an olive and it’s oil.

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Tasting and Talking Italian

Chewy, tasty foccacia. Tomatoes ripened on the vine, direct from the volcanic slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. A crazy good pickled broccoli that only grows in a small area outside of Naples. Great big green olives. Last night, they were all there for the tasting. The good people at Gustiamo are offering Tuesday evening tastings of their imported products at Il Cantuccio bakery at 91 Christopher St in the West Village, NYC.

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