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How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s orto time! Orto is Italian for a kitchen garden and our garden looks set to keep our kitchens supplied all season long. May the gods of sun and rain smile upon us because we’ve got our pride on the line.

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Insalata Caprese

Like proscuitto and melon, the marriage of a ripe tomato, bufala mozzarella and fresh basil, the insalata caprese, is a match made in heaven. And right now, today, in Umbria, with tomatoes and basil from our orto, it is the time and the place to be eating a caprese salad.

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Kitchen Garden Day

Next Sunday, August 22, is the first annual celebration of World Kitchen Garden Day. What should you do to celebrate World KItchen Garden Day? Sign up here. Host a party in your garden. Visit us in our garden. Eat a tomato. We’ll show those snack food people they don’t know who they are up against as we rise up, spade in hand and declare, “I am a Gardener!”

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Super Quick Tomato & Basil Sauce

Warning: For those in the North East US, suffering from a lack of tomatoes due to the tomato fungus, do not read this blog post, it will cause you undue pain and suffering. For the rest of us who have an abundance of tomatoes, read on! Our tomatoes are coming in quicker than we can…

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Montone Orto Report

Don’t you think our salad from last night says it all? Last night we succumbed to an acute bout of Locavore Smugness as we ate our home grown dinner: salad, tomatoes, cucumber, green beans were all from the orto, the wine is from our friend Amerigo at Polidori in Umbertide, the percorino (sheep) cheese is…

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