What in the World-Eats??

Why so quiet on Aroma Cucina? We’re celebrating because we’ve been nursing a new baby: World-Eats!

What is this World-Eats anyway?

From food policy and advocacy, to food art, to living la vida local, World-Eats seeks out the best intel on the planet and we share it with you. World-Eats is your food and drink hub. It’s about connecting and communicating. And maybe about world peace. Or world peach, but only if it’s in season.We are a startup non-profit org that wants food-centric people to share and we’re working on ways to make that happen.

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New Years News & Events

Food Lovers Conference in NY, culinary school grants, food media survey, thoughts about pig testicles and a new found love of Indian food. Who says January is dull??

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What did I miss?

I confess. I took a computer break for a few days to do a bit of painting and house maintenance and now I’m catching up on the food world. The photo is my Bella helping with the paint project. Here’s what I missed: I’m going to be arrested for having a garden? There is blogger…

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