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New Toy: Lowell Ego Digital Lamps

Jonah Crab Claws I bought myself a new toy. Every girl needs a new toy now and then. I needed a better lighting set up for taking food photos and I think I’ve found it.
I know, food looks best with natural light, but it’s not always possible, so Lowell Ego lamps to the rescue.

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What goes on in the kitchen?

It was late into the lunch hour, there was only one or two other tables that still had diners and they were already puffing on their cigarettes, when the gruff, white haired waiter set the platter of grilled sardines in front of me. The gorgeous scent of charred fish skin seduced my palate, the puddle of olive oil invited me to take the first bite. I didn’t know a sardine could taste like that.

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