Pass the Prosciutto – Just in time Holiday Potatoes

It’s holiday season. That time of year when you are either entertaining, or being entertained and you need to bring something delicious to the next party.
Here’s a simple and delicious way to make potatoes using Prosciutto di Parma. If you use little red potatoes and a chopped parsley as a garnish, it will look extra holiday perfect.

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Kitchen Wizard’s Secret Weapon for Divine Dinners

Kitchen Magic What is the emergency, go-to, secret weapon that I try to keep in my fridge at all times? And it’s not ketchup, although mustard takes second place. First place goes to:….Veal Stock!

If Merlin the Magician waved his wand in your kitchen, he would give you this Secret Weapon.

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Back to the Kitchen Rules #1-6 and Roast Chicken

So, is it true? Are people returning to their kitchens to cook for themselves because of the recession? That’s what everyone is predicting, but who knows? However, it did get me thinking….I get a regular stream of e-mails asking me questions about basic stuff, so that’s why I’m introducing JudeFood Kitchen Rules.  My sister-in-law and…

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