Algerian Style Lamb & Prune Couscous

Saturday night was Algerian Night in our house. An unctuous lamb and prune tagine, lemon scented couscous, khobz flatbread flavored with wood smoke from the fireplace. I was dressed in my best Dorothy Lamour Goes Bedouin outfit, Jeff was suavely chic in his embroidered tunic.

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Cous Cous Sicilian Style

Sicily, land of heat and spice, piercing sunlight, succulent lemons, chili peppers in piles, the evil eye, men who like it hot and the women who make it sizzle. And cous cous.
Can’t afford a ticket to Sicily today? Make cous cous and serve it with style.

Stiletto high heels
Low cut dress, at least one size too small
Wife Beater T-shirt, preferably torn and worn
Gold Chains
Tight pants
Large dark sunglasses
Copious Amounts of Hair Gel Un Sacco Bello

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Couscous and Kindness

Last summer I took a photo of the little kids that live on our block. As with all things in Italy, things take time and it wasn’t until this past week that we were able to give them  copies of the photo.   Later that day there was a meticulously written note telling us that we…

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