Summer Broiled Shrimp and Fresh Herbs

In the spring, a livelier palate changes on the burnish’d hearth
In the spring, a young cook’s fancy, lightly turns to to thoughts of grill.
Apologies to Alfred Lloyd Tennyson, but as soon as the warm weather comes I want to eat things light and barely cooked. I want to eat things from the sea, I want to eat grilled shrimp, and linguine with clam sauce, and those little crabs that come from the Veneto. And I obsessivley go online to find a cheap place to stay at the beach. So I guess spring has sprung into summer here in Montone and it’s about freakin’ time.
This is how we celebrated the arrival of warm sunshine with a dish that could be a light meal of its own, or served as a finger licking starter: Summer Broiled Shrimp and Fresh Herbs. Easy livin’.

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