Seared Pork a la minute!

A pork chop is like a blank canvas. Seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and a twist of pepper, it’s the perfect foil for creating a meal of the moment, or as zee French say, “a la minute”. That’s an expression that has fallen out of style, but I wonder why. What is more contemporary than making a quick sauce from ingredients you have on hand, in the same pan you cooked the pork chop? Quick, economical, inclined to be seasonal; I say it’s time we resurrect ‘a la minute’ cooking.

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Mussel Soup with Lemon Saffron Aioli

Fish soups are called ‘brodetto’ in Italy and every Adriatic coastal town has their own version. I don’t live near the coast, I like the French Provencal style of fish soup and I don’t have to play by the rules, so here is Brodetto di Montone.

Warning: it is messy to make, it takes time, the words slow, fast and easy do not appear anywhere within this recipe. However, the words delicious and worth the effort do appear.

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Quickie Fish Soup

As far as I’m concerned, one of the all-time great soups is Provencal style fish soup.  The first time I ate it I was beluga whale pregnant in St. Barth and I scarfed the bowl so fast the amused restaurant owner insisted I eat a second bowl. Sometimes there are very real advantages to being…

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