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Cocktails & Comrades, Bells & Balls A Blog Post in Two Parts

By JudithKlinger | May 23, 2013

When we landed back in Montone, the party was already in full swing. It was a kick to catch up with our Italian friends: the winter was long and wet, the spring has been cold and wet. A few of our transient comrades were already here, a few more arrived as we touched down. Of cocktails and comrades we have plenty!

We’re back!

By JudithKlinger | May 22, 2013

Woo Hoo! We’re back in the blog world. Back in Aroma Cucina land. Back in Italy. Back in Montone!

Donazione della Santa Spina 2012

By JudithKlinger | August 21, 2012

Congratulations to Borgo del Monte on winning this year’s Palio! Maybe we didn’t win…but we sure had a good time!

Being a part of the community of our del Verziere rione is a precious honor. Being the Castellana of our rione will be a memory I cherish forever.

OK, and now it’s time to start planning for next year! Viva del Verziere!!

Festa in Montone: The Die is Cast

By JudithKlinger | August 18, 2012

And so, in the words of Julius Ceasar, crossing the Rubicon, “Iacta alea est”. The die has been cast. Each rione has given its all, its best effort. A year’s worth of plotting, planning, scheming, writing, painting sets, and rehearsing lines is over. The plays have played, and tonight, with much drumming and fanfare, the winner of the Palio will be announced.

Festa Time in Montone

By JudithKlinger | August 12, 2012

Raise your glasses today, and salute the Commune di Montone, who really know how to throw a Festa..and may the best rione (Del Verziere!) win!

4th of July List

By JudithKlinger | July 3, 2012

All the summer things I miss and All the summer things I have right here in Italy! Happy4th!