And the Beet Goes On!

Beet Harvest
What do you do when a whole row of beets in the orto need to be eaten now? You yank those babies and throw a party!
Pickled beets

We had Speecy-Spicy Pickled Beets. (Note to self: back off on the chili peppers from the garden! I wonder what would happen if I pickled hard boiled eggs in that spicy brine? Now that would truly be a deviled egg.)
Roast beets gorgonzola toasted walnuts

Sweet Roasted Beets covered in Gorgonzola and Toasted Walnuts. (There was a small skirmish when it was down to the last few bites.)
Beet borscht

Richly decadent beet consume’. (A rich meat broth laced with dried porcini mushrooms to give it an earthy zest. Recipe courtesy of our friend The Polish Countess. So named because you could always count on her in the kitchen).

And as a finale, pale pink beet panna cotta! (Relax. I just used the beets to color the cream, not flavor it!)  And no picture either, it was too dark and toooo late in the evening.

I’m getting worried though. The tomato plants have kicked into high gear…anyone up for  Tomato Fest…running from today through September??

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