Kitchen Confidence at an all time high!

Here are the delicious details:

1) Kitchen Confidence: Most of us are decent cooks, with an almost even split between novices and Supremely Good Chefs.  Which means that a whopping 82% of us know when to whisk and when to fold.

2) Making dinner for friends: The responses fell into three broad categories: Show-Off, Adventurer, and the Spontaneous Forager.  Obviously the Show-Offs are our Top Chefs,  the Adventurer hits the web and cookbooks for inspiration and isn’t afraid of trying out new recipes on friends, the Spontaneous Forager waits until the last moment and is confident they can pull a rabbit out of the hat.

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3) How would we cook a rib eye steak? 98% of us are going to grill or sear that steak. Happily the 5% of us that would give the steak away, can give it to the 5% that are going to make steak tartare.

4) Overwhelmingly we all want more cabinet space (74%) instead of a microwave.

5) What do we do with a microwave? I put this question in because I don’t own or use a microwave and I was curious what people do with this hunk of equipment. It takes up a lot of space, so it better be seriously useful. My favorite response was “Clock” because you know we all use for it that but only one of us ‘fessed up.

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6) If cooking skills and cost were no object what would you make? Seafood was the number one choice with oysters getting top honors, followed by lobster.
Foie gras gets honorable mention as the next runner up.
Then it broke down into roasts, steaks, and multi-ethnic delicacies like Creole Seitan stew, Mexican, porchetta, mole poblano, xiao long bao.
That all sounds delicious to me!
For a vegetable, asparagus wins. Whoever is making the asparagus souffle, can you share that recipe?

7) Comfort Food: Is there a scientist in the house because I think we’ve discovered something: we are comforted by carbs. When we need a cuddle we turn to pasta, potatoes and rice.
A distant runner up was soup, lots of tomato soup and a few lentil soups and a few any kind of soup at all.
I need to know, what is Nailey’s canned chili?? There is more than one of you that confesses to loving Nailey’s chili.
And I’m not going to out the person who has an herb butter dependancy.

8) Mystery Basket Menu: We’re all having some kind of lemon chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and a custard for dessert (Or a pudding as our British friends call the sweet at the end of a meal, and based on the responses we’ve got a  few British friends!)  As one commenter noted, we’ve got a color issue with this menu, tasty but blonde.

9) Ready Made, Either Way or Store Bought? Come on…nobody buys salad dressing/cream?? There are whole aisles dedicated to the stuff, so somebody is buying it.

Screen shot 2011-05-20 at 12.10.21 PM
10) One thing you screw up: We were all over the board here except for timing of dishes.  All I can say is practice helps and so does an extra glass of wine or two. For the guests, not for the cook.

Thank you everyone for helping out with our survey!  I had fun and I learned a few things, although I’m still trying to figure out what goes on with all that melted butter.

We start shooting video next week, so I’m trying to get my Julia Child groove on…wish us luck!

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