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By JudithKlinger | August 20, 2011

It’s been a roller coaster week for Aroma Cucina! On top of crazy festa doings, we’ve had some other good stuff going on.

Roasted Quail & Spiced Peaches: A Recipe from the Gods

By JudithKlinger | August 4, 2011

Our knowledge of flavor is the sum of all things we have ever tasted. A recipe is not a free standing list of ingredients and instructions; it’s the result of experience, memories, and desire.
You are never, ever alone in the kitchen.

Cooking for Love

By JudithKlinger | May 25, 2011

What happens when you turn your passion into your day job? Could passion turn to drudgery? For me the passion is cooking, for Jeff & I the passion is having people gather around the dinner table. And for both us, the answer is, we’re still passionate about both.

I won’t kid you, it’s work.

Aroma Cucina Giveaway: We have a winner!

By JudithKlinger | May 24, 2011

Thank you everyone who participated in our giveaway. Great answers, and we agree this is an awesome basket of goodies from Gustiamo; but it is a contest and that means there has to be a winner. Only, we couldn’t decide between two commenters, so we decided to give a basket to each.

Making Food Videos: All Bright Lights & Glamour

By JudithKlinger | May 22, 2011

Feeling restless at 4:00 am, I get out of bed and step on… a huge pile of grit. What on earth…it’s everywhere! It feels like kitty litter embedded on the soles of my feet…only…wait a minute! It’s cous cous! The floor is literally covered in cous cous. What??

Kitchen Confidence at an all time high!

By JudithKlinger | May 20, 2011

The results of our Kitchen Confidence survey are in! There are some surprising food and cooking trends: 23% of you use your microwave as a butter melting device, and no one buys bottled salad dressing. Oh, really now…. ?

Here are the delicious details: