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Fisticuffs in Friuli?

By JudithKlinger | October 28, 2010

Slow Food Friuli Wine Tasting One of our last workshops at the Salone del Gusto was a tasting of wines from the Friuli region of Italy. Little did we know there was a rebel in the crowd and that passions were going to run very high.

mmmmmmm….Umbrian wine!

By JudithKlinger | September 20, 2010

This weekend was the “Montefalceo 31st Enologica” Sagrantino wine release festival of the 2007 vintage. Sagrantino is to Umbria what Sangiovese is to Tuscany or Nebbiolo is to Piemonte. However, very few of the winemakers were pouring the 2007 vintage because it is just too young. It’s like bringing Lolita to the party instead of Gigi.

Foodbuzz 24×24: 25K Umbrian Challenge

By JudithKlinger | September 8, 2010

Come over for dinner on Saturday night! And so the invite went out for a very local Umbrian feast, hosted by Foodbuzz. Corks popped, pasta was made, meat was grilled and a lot of wine was consumed. You should have been there!

Betrayal By A Young Mother

By JudithKlinger | September 6, 2010

I am a victim of betrayal! She was young, she looked fresh, vibrant, she seemed eager to get to work. She did smell a little strange, but I thought it was just youth. Turns out she was lazy, and did a barely passable job. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and face the facts: this mother is finished, fired, history, kaput.
I’m so hurt, I grew this natural yeast bread mother with care, attention, diligence and she betrayed me.

Scallops and Parsley Pasta

By JudithKlinger | June 23, 2010

Not just any scallop, but a cappasanta, it’s a giant scallop with its erotic roe still attached. They/ve been in the fish market for the past few weeks and I just love them. My standard way to cook them is a tiny bit of butter, a splash of Cognac and a few sizzling minutes under the broiler.

But, they’re too expensive to have enough to make a meal out of them so I figured a little pasta would fill in the gap.

Italian Cooking Adventure Roundup

By JudithKlinger | June 19, 2010

The marvelous and generous Elizabeth Helman Minchilli has put together a list of great places to have cooking classes, tours and adventures while you are in Italy.
Keep this post bookmarked for your next trip to Italy: “Cooking Your Way Through Italy.”

Thanks for including us Elizabeth!