Travel is Good for the Soul and the Belly

Side Stripe Shrimp Ceviche

By JudithKlinger | February 9, 2011

Poached Side Stripe Shrimp Ceviche. Super sweet, tender, tasty, side stripe shrimp, why haven’t I met you sooner? Serve it alongside the shrimp ceviche with lots of tortilla chips. Watch out…because you know someone will go into the kitchen, dig up the bowl with the left over sauce and start scooping it up with the chips and then be shamed into sharing with everyone else. Another alert: that may well be you!

Challenging Leftovers

By JudithKlinger | February 1, 2011

Roast Quail Salad I hate leftovers. I’m not talking about when you made spaghetti bolognese and you freeze half for later, I’m talking about having one quail or a small piece of tri-tip steak. Or roast pork that is fabulous when it comes out of the oven, but two days later, what do you do? Jeff says he loves them, but that’s because I’ve ‘repurposed’ them.

Ski Food Survival Stash

By JudithKlinger | January 31, 2011

Mountain Food I don’t know what you pack when you go skiing, but socks, gloves and hats only come along after we’ve packed the confit and there is still room in the luggage. Let’s just say, If the plane goes down in the mountains, we won’t have to worry about eating our fellow passengers.

The Many Faces of Bay Leaf

By JudithKlinger | January 26, 2011

It’s a chameleon flavor; scent shifting to blend with other flavors and become more than the sum of its parts. Like a hostess at the party, bay gets the other flavors to mingle and talk to each other.

I never gave bay much thought, it was the leaf in the soup or sauce, and if it wound up on your plate, you won a quarter.

Seasoned Sugar, Seasoned Salt, Unsung Heroes

By JudithKlinger | January 10, 2011

Seasoned salt Seasoned sugar (1)
Habanero sugar was the spark that reignited the fire.
Sugar with a fiery kick, the sweet sugar dissolves into fiery heat as if the flavors were dancing a torrid flamenco on my tongue. What a brilliant combination! Why hadn’t I thought of this??

In search of the all crunchy potato

By JudithKlinger | December 29, 2010

Everyone loves the crunchy top of a potato casserole, and the browny bits stuck to the sides. What if I could expose every slice of potato to dry heat? Wouldn’t it create crunch on every slice, and not just on top? Could I have invented the next best thing since popcorn??