Travel is Good for the Soul and the Belly

The Mediterranean Are-You-Kidding-Me Diet

By JudithKlinger | July 18, 2014

What exactly is this Mediterranean diet everyone speaks of?

Having lived on a Mediterranean island for a few weeks, where eating anything other than the local diet wasn’t really possible, I’m going to say it’s very delicious, but I’m not so sure it travels well.

Barcelona: The Bold & The Quirky, 10 Places to Eat & Drink, Part 2

By JudithKlinger | October 11, 2013

Maybe it was the louche red swivel bird-cage seats, but this place oozed dark bar cool. Maybe it was the cocktail menu that came with an index listing La Boutique, Twisted Libations, Library & Classics or Swing Collection that made us settle in to make a well considered choice. Maybe it was the cute waiter who clipped a little mag light to my swivel chair so I could actually read the menu, but it all seemed glamorous and fun to me.

Barcelona: The Bold & The Quirky, 10 Places to Eat & Drink

By JudithKlinger | October 8, 2013

Aside from food and wine, one of the great things about Europe is CHEAP FLIGHTS within Europe. These are not luxury flights, these are CHEAP FLIGHTS where any resemblance to comfort is purely accidental. But, hey the flight isn’t long, and for about 50 bucks you can fly round trip to from Pisa to Barcelona, so hell yeah, we went to Barcelona for a long weekend.
This isn’t a “ Best of Barcelona” list, it’s a boy, did we have fun list…enjoy!

North Festival: Finnish Food In All Its Glory!

By JudithKlinger | September 15, 2013

SPONSORED POST “Experience the cuisine that changed modern cooking.” It seems as if the entire planet has gone mad for Nordic cooking and any chef whose name has an O with a line through it. Even NYC will be having it’s first North Food Festival October 2-7, sponsored by the marvelous folks at Honest Cooking.…

IACPNYC Conference Part 2: Food Karma meets Social Karma

By JudithKlinger | April 28, 2012

We were going to need a culinary event producer to help us make this conference a reality.

What does it take to produce a Conference? Think of a series of interlocking gears, and each piece needs the other piece in order to turn. The producer provides the means to keep the gears turning.

When Comfort Foods Join Forces

By JudithKlinger | May 18, 2011

What happens if you combine two comfort foods together? Extra-comfy comfort food?

Spaghetti amatriciana + a poached egg = Damn Good!