Travel is Good for the Soul and the Belly

Thumbs Up from the Pizza Guru

By JudithKlinger | August 9, 2009

We were nervous. Our reputation was on the line. But, the intrepid Pizza Guru needed to taste the pizza at Triangolo, so we met him at a designated parking lot and set out on our venture to find a truly good pizza. Set deep in the Carpini valley, the mysterious town of Pietralunga seems an…

Job Available: Economist that can explain farmers markets

By JudithKlinger | July 22, 2009

I don’t for a minute think that the Oregon farmers are raking it in. I don’t believe that the farmers at the NYC Greenmarket drive their shabby trucks around the corner and get into a limo.

Is there a new dining culture afoot?

By JudithKlinger | July 15, 2009

I don’t want to be in Las Vegas dining at some deluxe food palace where it’s all about show-me-the-money. That doesn’t mean that these temples don’t serve fine, fine food, but the setting seems wrong, sort of crass and entirely from another era. Has the pendulum swung away from ostentation towards a more personal, intimate dining experience? Will there be pent up demand for ostentation or is there a new dining culture emerging?

Quick Summer Pasta: Mixing it up

By JudithKlinger | July 10, 2009

Who doesn’t’ love all the quick summer pasta sauces you can make? By the time the pasta is finished cooking, the sauce is done. Summertime is all about instant gratification. Pick. Eat. That works for me! I’m currently in love with mixing raw elements into a cooked sauce. Here’s how it went yesterday: Pasta Arrabiata,…

Cocktails on the roof: 1920 v.1.Italy

By JudithKlinger | June 25, 2009

I’ve said it before, but its wonderful to have a cocktail guru who comes through from time to time with needed bits of wisdom. That would be my friend Mitch who recently mentioned how good a 1920 cocktail is. The “1920” is a hook up between a Manhattan and a Sazerac and the recipe goes…

Wheat in all its glory

By JudithKlinger | June 24, 2009

Recently I’ve been rolling out a lot of fresh pasta. And baking ovens full of bread. And enjoying pizza with a young friend. And driving by wheat fields that will soon be harvested. It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with some flour and water.