Clay Pot Chic, Questions Anyone?

Clay Pot Chic Without a doubt, clay pot cooking is chic. It is THE moment for clay pots. Bloggers are banging their lids in glee. Clay pots are the new black. Cotta cooking is, like, so cool. I get my pots in Italy, where do you get yours?

OK, I've lost my mind. But it's more than a passing fancy, clay pot cooking is hot right now and if you have any little, bitty, teeny, tiny doubt about the benefits of cooking in clay, then I bear goods news. Ms. Paula Wolfert, author of Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking and other great books, teller of outrageous stories, and all around cool lady, will be answering questions today and tomorrow on Barnes & Noble's Forum Board.

Clicca qui to be taken to the board, where Ms. Wolfert will be answering questions, Oct 28 & 29, 1:30- 3:00 pm EST.

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