Seasonal Cocktail: Tangiers

Tangiers Happy First Day of Spring! The tangerines are in season in my neck of the woods, and they were Jeff’s inspiration for the Tangiers Cocktail.

2 oz. gin.

1/2 oz Maraschinio

1/2 oz freshly squeezed tangerine juice

Delish. Next time we’ll try it with a Campari rinse, just to keep things interesting. Looking forward to all colors and flavors of springtime!

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Mezcal: Tequila’s Smoky Cousin

While tequila is blue-blood, dancing in the limelight, Mezcal is the dusky cousin who’s having a better party in the smoky basement. Both liquors come from the same Agavaceae family of plants, but tequila is exclusively from blue agave, while mezcal can come from any one of the maguey plants.

Mezcal reminds me of grappa. It’s made old school style in small batches, it can be throat ripping fire, or nuanced liquid smoke. It can be clear, or it can be aged in oak to give it a softness and golden color. There’s a little tickle at the back of the throat that smells and tastes like grappa, but they are very different flavor experiences.

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Better In The Boroughs?

Sausage Tasting Mitch has wanted to go on a food field trip to Queens for awhile now, and this was the week. I trust Mitch, but never really had a burning desire to eat in Queens. I do admit to wondering, “Do we really need to leave the island of Manhattan for Thai food?” “Do I really need to go to another salumi palace?” The answer is YES. Or maybe the answer is “Trust Mitch! You snobby Manhattanite know-it-all!”.

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Internet woes

We haven't fallen off the mountain, we just have extremely limited internet connection at the moment. No worries, we're still alive and enjoying the massive snowstorm that has settled into the Little Cottonwood Canyon. Bouillabase Mountain Style is on the menu for tonight's dinner, so rest assured we aren't suffering!

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Valentines Day: Massacres, Vinegar & Unsainted Saints

Be my Valentine What do debunked saints, a mob massacre, punch, highballs and vinegar have in common? They’re all part of our Valentine’s day celebration.

What Pope Gelasius I declared in 469AD, namely the honoring of Saint Valentine, who may have been two men, one from Rome and one from Terni, Pope Paul VI took away in 1969 when he removed St. Valentines Day from the Roman Catholic calendar. But that never stopped the steady march of Hallmark and the eating of chocolate and giving of roses.

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Crispy Chicken Paprika and the Kindness of Mountain Friends

There is a mountain tradition, when you leave the mountains, you pass along left over food to who ever comes along and may need it. Our stash pass here at the ‘Bird is a bit more upscale than left over granola or packets of freeze dried cranberries. Friends of ours left this week and passed along the mother lode of goodies: fresh parsley, mint, cilantro, Maytag Blue cheese, steel cut grits, onion, garlic, frozen vegetables and prosciutto.

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Sablefish Fisherman Style & Superbowl Chowder

Sablefish Steaks (1) Joe at Gotham Seafood may have thrown down the gauntlet, but I do believe we rose to the sablefish challenge.

In case you are wondering, fresh sablefish is a cod fish is a butterfish, is a fine, fine tasty fish.
One of the highest in omega3 fatty acids, it’s also richly delicious and healthy to boot.

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Friends and Food Mountain Style

Reporting in from Snowbird Utah where it is a balmy -5F at the base and -15F at the peak. The view hasn’t changed, it’s as beautiful as ever.
And Kevin’s Finnish Cardamon Biscuit is as delicious as ever. I’ve found that if I add extra butter to the slice, it totally offsets the healthy whole flour he added to the recipe.
Last night we ate dinner in Kev’s room, under the photo of his grandmother whose recipe we all enjoy..and I swear she was smiling just a little more knowing that her recipe is being enjoyed far and wide.
It’s good to be back with our Snowbird family.

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The Mysterious Marvelous Mythical Martinez Cocktail

Mysterious because there are more variations on this classic cocktail than I’ve seen for any other cocktail. It’s odd that this cocktail has no ‘definitive’ version, although it is alleged to be the precursor to the Martini.
Marvelous because it is very delicious in an aromatic way.
Mythical because every cocktail historian has another spin on how it came to be.
Martinez? I have yet to find a reference as to why it called a Martinez. Something about a guy in a bar named Martinez….?

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