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Do Stuff in Sfinos

Do Stuff in Sfinos

By JudithKlinger | July 8, 2018

Go play in the sea! That’s what you came for! There are sandy beaches and rocky beaches and paths to get to them, so pick your fun. There are also 365 monasteries in Sifnos, so plan to say awhile if visiting monasteries is your thing. The Trail System Sifnos is criss-crossed by an exceptional trail…

Lolas Cocktail Bar Pireaus

Drink in Pireaus

By JudithKlinger | July 7, 2018

Wine & Beer Of Course. But also good cocktails. Pireaus is not a pretty town, it has a real handle on gritty, but at the same time it has some very chic and fab cocktail bars going on. We opted for Lola’s Bar because who can resist a bar named Lola? Cocktails were well-made and…


Do Stuff in Pireaus

By JudithKlinger | July 7, 2018

It’s a funny place. Its a just-passing-through type place but it is worth exploring. The life blood of the city is the port. Everything revolves around the large ferries going out to the islands. Basically, the tourists are either waiting to get on a ferry or cruise or they’ve just come off a ferry. So,…

Pireaus Dining

Eat in Pireaus

By JudithKlinger | July 7, 2018

When we are near the sea, we only want to eat fish. When you are in the busy port of Pireaus, staying overnight to catch a ferry the next day, you want to eat good seafood. Our most helpful and joyful hotel receptionist suggested we take a taxi to the Mikrolimano section of Pireaus. Good…

greek crib sheet

Sleep in Pireaus

By JudithKlinger | July 7, 2018

Pireaus is a one-night stand sort of place. More shabby than chic, the city caters to people either coming or going from the various ferries and cruises. We wound up at the Pireaus Dream Hotel. Not exactly my dream hotel, but it adequately served its purpose. Convenient location to the port, to restaurants, to general…

Paella Valencia

Eat in Valencia

By JudithKlinger | July 6, 2018

You are by sea! Eat fish! Live longer! Then have some paella! El Rall Set in a picturesque square, with fair prices and good, fresh food, its no wonder the locals like to eat here. Seems like they even have apartments to rent, so you never are far from a glass of wine or some…