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Aroma Cucina white

Aroma Cucina Returns

#Salvation Morning Cappucino

The time has come to resurrect Aroma Cucina!

There’s a number of reasons we went quiet and there are compelling reasons to bring it back. 

The primary reason is we miss being able to share our Italian lifestyle. We’ve been exploring, eating and experimenting for the past 17 years or so, and it’s time to start sharing the bounty again. 

We’ve also been given the fantastic opportunity to host an Umbrian food tour in conjunction with Civitella Ranieri!  Civitella is a US based art foundation that runs its art fellowship program in Umbria from April through November. During the off-season, when the fellows have all gone home,  Civitella opens the castle gates to various groups for ‘winter session’ tours. We are hosting just such a tour: The Art of Eating, an exploration of the food and art culture in Umbria. .

Looking forward to having you join us! 

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